Mackenzie Road

Private Residential Project
AC Architects
JCT Standard Building Contract
AC Architects
Client Representative:
Project Description

When the client purchased this building it was a building of local interest and an important part of the diverse street scene of Mill Road having previously served as a local music school which was reverted to domestic use. When purchased the building was in an extremely dilapidated condition.

Project Overview

This was a carefully designed refurbishment project in which the architects had to balance keeping the existing features of the building whilst modernising the building to a usable domestic home. This was achieved by keeping existing features such as the timber lined ceilings, existing timber staircase and the bedroom walls had detailed timber panels installed to match what was originally installed. But by introducing a new ground floor with underfloor heating, installing a modern kitchen/bathroom, renewing all the windows & doors and laying modern floor finishes it made the building a home once again.

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