The Paddocks

Private Residential Project
Lightdoor Ltd
Project Partnering PCC 2000
£3.5 M
The Design Partnership (Ely) Ltd
Client Representative:
Project Description

‍We were contracted by our client; MAC Contractors ltd to complete Electrical and Associated Services Installation, including design for a fully functional Installation covering the Small Power, Lighting, Ancillary Services, The site itself is made up of 15 plots in total, each home set back from the access road with front gardens. At the entrance there is also a public open space.

Project Overview

This was a design and build project based in Suffolk and involved the complete new installation of the building including power, lighting, fire alarm, TV and BT. As main electrical contractor we worked closely with the main contractor to design the electrical installer to meet the demands of the client and the end user. In this case the end users were individuals with very specific needs and therefore we had to design the installation to include switching height, PIR control, environmental control and energy efficiency to reach the required SAP level.

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